About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Strong trees require strong roots. This healthy path for growth and development takes time, patience and a fertile ground for nourishment. With strong roots, your child can begin to build a solid foundation to be a happy life long learner and a healthy human being. 

Our holistic and evidence-based practice approach to education provides your child with an enriching environment to bloom individually and blossom socially. 

Our mission is to support your child to become resilient, resourceful and ready for his and her primary education, and beyond.

Let us begin here, planting strong roots for your child in our award-winning playgroups and at our playschool and playspace.

Our Oasis Playspace

Our playschool and playspace are designed with natural materials to meet your child's senses and sensitivity. Because your child’s well-being is important to us, we keep our facilities and products eco-friendly to ensure that your child can breathe, play, learn and grow organically.

When your child feels safe, secure and well cared for, natural learning and possibilities abound.

We respect your child’s ingenuity and we patiently support him to navigate at his own rhythm. We understand that when your child’s well-being is fully met, her genius will naturally shine.

Here is where your child's genius and wellness integrate and begin.

We are located at the heart of Mid-Levels on Caine Road (next to the Caine Road Park).