After School Activities

After School Activities: An Integral Part of Kids’ Curriculum

Learning should be an enjoyable experience. For when a child enjoys learning education becomes naturally conducive. A child innately instills all the details of “knowledge” through his or her own intrinsic modality, be it auditory and visual experience, or aesthetic and kinesthetic concepts.The primary objective of Cosmo Kids is to empower young children with a high social value education through creativity. By providing creative social training and discipline to young children we assist them to think out of the box and to connect to the world around them with comfort and harmony. As such the presence of our Sunflower after school activities helps in fostering the minds and the thinking capacity of the children beyond the formal educational system. Introducing children to engaging games and activities helps them develop a sense of cooperation, team work, and determination. These qualities are extremely important for any child to prosper and achieve success in life.


Necessity of After School Activities

After school activities at Cosmo Kids (our Sunflower program) are based on a holistic approach that is implemented for developing kids in an effective and healthy manner. Learning is a journey that spans over a lifetime. Therefore it is imperative for children to receive balanced training early which will benefit them in years to come. In this effort Cosmo Kids endeavors to help children to get toknow their inner voice and body through after school activities in the areas of Arts (painting, drawing), Movement (dance, yoga), and Stories (roleplay, storytelling).


Benefits of After School Activities

The way education is imparted contributes to the overall development of a child. When a child is nurtured organically, it acts as reinforcement to his or her overall personal development. Thus, the faculty of a child is best fostered and developed emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually through experiential experiences and activities. After school activities including games and creative classes can be immensely helpful for child development. The educational benefit of our after school activities helps to build the self-esteem and the self-identity of every child. Cosmo Kids’ core objective is to ensure high quality learning and to help children engage themselves in optimum behavioral development.