Behavioral Skills Training

Frustrated by Your Child’s Behavior? Consider Behavioral Skills Training

When Tom wants to show his creativity in his notebook, his parents approvingly allow him to do so. But, when he makes use of his pastel colors to decorate the wall, he gets a tight scold from his mom and is punished to go to his room. See, what Tom has done with the cushions?! His helper starts complaining to Tom’s mother about the cut-torn cushions. Tom’s mother finally decides to send him to a boarding school. What is the most effective way to manage Tom’s behavior? One perspective is that Tom is simply expressing himself, and his artistic side. There are after school activities at Cosmo Kids which allows Tom to freely express his creativity in many productive manners.


Is Behavioral Skills Training Necessary?

Everyone expects their child to be well behaved all the time. But parents neglect to understand that they also play an important role in shaping their child’s behavior. While all parents have the best intention to help their children develop socially their busy work schedule and divided attention during the day,however,makes it difficult for them to fully engage in their children’s behavioral training. This is the major reason why behavioral and social skills training classes are becoming necessary for their children. 


Importance of Behaviorial Skills Training

Behavioral skills training is a life skill for children as the training helps them understand and differentiate appropriate behaviors in various situations. If the child behaves well with his fellow friends then they will most likely make sure to play with him and offer him a treat; this will help the child to understand that his positive social engagement with others is an aspect of his positive behavior. In a behavioral skill training class at Cosmo Kids, the facilitator encourages the students to bring positive changes in their behavior through immediate attention and positive reinforcement. Children are not forced to change or behave a certain way but rather are helped to understand their own nature and temperament. It is not realistic to change a child’s behavior in a day, particularly if it has been occurring for a long time. Fortunately all behaviors are trainable, including the seemingly impossible ones such as nagging, tantrums, and fighting. Our behavioral skills training class offers parents the extra support they need to assist their children to develop positive behaviors amid their hectic work schedule.