Q: What child development programs do you offer me and my child(ren)?

A: Playschool is our social-emotional learning and self-directed education program based on Evidence-based Practice (EBP) which applies the heart-hand-head approach to prepare children for primary education. Key focus includes child-centered education through experiential learning and multiple intelligence development.  The program is led and facilitated by Master's degree specialists in the areas of child development, play therapy, creative arts, language, and positive psychology.

Playrapy is our Play Therapy program that assists students to naturally and effectively regulate their behaviors and communicate their emotions. Students from the program are successful in gaining self-esteem and self-awareness to achieve an enriched school life and home life.

Our programs support the Hong Kong homeschool community by providing in-house and outsourced resources, including space, specialists, and activities, to nurture your well-balanced child.

Q: What is your philosophy on education?

A: Children before the age of seven learn primarily through imagination and imitation. Our facilitators (and caregivers) are the role models for your children to learn from, therefore, our mindful words, actions, and behaviors matter inside and outside of the playschool. We deeply respect your daughter's own rhythm and your son's own pace.  At playschool, your child is encouraged to fully explore, discover, create, express, communicate, and relate. We believe your children "can" and so they can.

At our learning oasis through organic learning your children are revered as children. They will routinely practice valuable life skills, learn to self-regulate, and be independently mindful. We encourage every child to be kind, respectful, grateful, and sincere so that they can blossom into happy human beings.

Q: What language are your programs conducted in?

A: English. Our facilitators are multi-lingual and will be able to adapt and cater to your child's communication needs, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese.

Q: What primary school can my child attend after attending your Playschool and Playrapy programs?

A: Since 2010, our children have successfully continued onto local and international schools:

* English School Foundation (ESF)

* French International School of Hong Kong (FIS)

* Hong Kong International School (HKIS)

* Island Christian Academy (ICA)

* Kau Yan School (救恩小學)

* St. Joseph Primary School (聖若瑟小學)