Evergreen Playschool

Evergreen Playschool promotes play as the essential intelligence for expanding creativity, creation, and connection in education and learning.

Our community includes parents, educators, physicians, counselors, artists, musicians, social workers and wellness practitioners who deeply believe that education is learning about life, being happy, and discovering our fullest potential and highest calling.

Our evidence-based practice (EBP) approach, programs, and activities are built upon the latest interdisciplinary research findings, observations, and experiments from the fields of education, medicine, psychology, and physics.

Self-Directed Learners

This program flexibly caters to each learner's specific personal developments and needs. The program focuses on supporting learners to build strong communication, relations, mindset, and attitude. The program is well suited for learners who are: 1) gifted, 2) remedial, 3) homeschooler.

1 to 5 days per week (1, 2 or 3 Hours per day): Monday - Saturday @ AM 9:00 - PM 5:00


This is our independent program that strongly focuses on social and emotional learning (SEL), self-directed education, and multiple intelligences to integrate cognitive, physical, emotional, and social developments. In daily indoor and outdoor activities, playschoolers live out daily life skills including  sensorimotor acuity, speech proficiency, self-regulation, and self-awareness. The program focuses on each child's developmental needs, strengths, temperaments, and learning styles.

1 to 5 days per week (Half Day): Monday - Friday @ AM 9:00 - AM 11:45 | PM 1:00 - PM 3:45

Caregiver & Child

This is our accompanied program that promotes the valuable exchange of ideas and information within the playgroup, facilitated by an experienced early childhood educator and play specialist. The session allows children to explore the magic of organic play, the importance of rhythm, and the nourishment of the senses. Children in the program continuously practice integrating their sense of trust and autonomy with other children and adults to balance their inner and outer world. Engaging with other children in exploratory and discovery play provides relational capacities for children and mindful self-reflections for parents and caregivers. The program provides child care principles and practices to parents and helpers/nannies relevant to this stage of child development.

2 days per week (1.5 Hour): Tuesday & Thursday @ AM 9:30 - AM 11:00

Playschool services include project-based education, self-directed education, social-emotional education, homeschooling, and play events planning.

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