Preschool Playgroup

Preschool Playgroup: An Indispensable Part of Child Development

The process of learning in a preschool playgroup setting is fun-filled and fruitful so that children find maximum enjoyment while gaining knowledge. Each and every step of knowledge which is offered to children is incorporated in such a manner that they are able to grasp it effortlessly. Preschool playgroup is one of the most important curricula at our learning center. Through Cosmo Kids Baby's Breath and Buttercup Playgroups children learn through play while simultaneously build a solid foundation for their intellectual and social behavioral growth.


Importance of Preschool Playgroup

Every child is gifted and has latent skills which need to be unleashed. It is very important for educators to identify the talent which is lying hidden inside each child. At the preschool playgroup level, and during the most fertile years in child development, Cosmo Kids plays an integral role in recognizing the depth of each child and respectively provides the required intervention and training to them to foster their social skills development which is the lynchpin of all human development.


How Does Preschool Playgroup Help?

Creative genius and imaginative probabilities lie at the core of Cosmo Kids’ preschool playgroup. In our Buttercup Playgroup children enthusiastically participate in a variety of games which involves auditory, visual, and kinesthetic skills. These activities fulfill their craving for creativity and fun. In an ecologically clean and safe environment (solvent-free flooring, non-toxic wall paint, and chemical-free products) children naturally feel relaxed and at peace, which is very conducive for them to explore with absolute freedom and comfort.