Role Play Stories

Role Play Stories Bring out the Best in a Child

Stories are better understood when they are acted out. Reading gives us a fair idea about the subject matter of a play or short story. But, often, it only gives us a one dimensional view of it. It is only when they are acted out that we learn to view it from different perspectives. This is essentially what role play stories are all about. Within them, each individual performs a particular role so that one starts to look at the story from the concerned character’s viewpoint. There are discussions and exchange of ideas thereby opening children’s minds and increasing their power of imagination.


Benefits of Role Play Stories

If such healthy habits of storytelling can be introduced to children right from the beginning, it can go a long way in enhancing their personality and making them more confident and expressive. Role play stories help children increase their power of imagination to a great extent. This is because children learn to make use of their mental faculties to its optimum through this exercise. It also plays an instrumental role in developing their social skills training. Since acting is all about reacting, children are taught when and how to respond. Such exercises also constitute the spirit of childhood itself thereby involving a fair share of fun and amusement. This is very important in order to maintain the right balance between enjoyment and learning communication skills.   


Role Play Stories at Cosmo Kids

Cosmo Kids’ goal has always been to provide education with a difference. This is because we ardently feel that there is much more to offer in terms of education than what is proposed by most formal educational institutions. We strongly believe in empowering the power of imagination and self-expression of a child and all our programs are designed accordingly to achieve this purpose. This also explains why we promote unique programs like yoga dance movement and kids drawing painting. It is only through these experiential exercises that we can actually foster the true development of a child. We, at Cosmo Kids, understand the significance of role play stories completely and that is why we have happily incorporated it in our learning modules. Our role play and storytelling program includes a range of activities starting from acting and singing to speaking, listening, and thinking. We encourage our little students to express their thoughts, emotions, and feelings freely thereby building their self-identity and self-esteem. An acting exercise tests and nurtures all their faculties prompting them to think, write, read, and interact with one another.