Welcome to Cosmo Kids, a playground where children get to be children.

At our playground your child learns experientially and grow organically. Experiential learning means that she learns through her own experience and at her own pace. To support your child to learn and grow naturally and holistically, we provide him with an eco-friendly environment along with proven age-appropriate child development activities to nurture his senses.

At our playschool your child is free to have fun and to be imaginative. When your child plays, she not only strengthens her immune system but also connects her inner senses with her external world. We encourage every child to hear, see, touch, feel, and sense as part of his learning experience. Through the power of imagination, your child will find her joy for creative expression and his passion for solution creation.

When you nourish your child with organic food, you feed her with food that is wholesome, pure, and sustainable. Likewise, when we provide your child with an organic education, we allow him amble time to play and grow as a whole child, happy and stress free. On-going research indicates that play and emotional stability contribute to academic success later in primary education years. We therefore emphasize natural play through movements, songs, stories, and arts as the essential foundation for literacy and numeracy training for your child.

Here is where your child's genius and wellness begin. We respect your child’s ingenuity and we patiently support her to shine. We understand that when your child’s well-being is fully met through love, attention, and care, his genius will naturally illuminate.

Our holistic and evidence-based practice approach to learning provides your child an enriching environment to bloom individually and blossom socially. Through learning and applying values such as gratitude, respect, tolerance, and kindness, your child will  grow to appreciate herself and others. Our aim is to help your child to be resilient, resourceful, and emotionally ready for his formal education.

Strong trees require strong roots. This healthy path for growth and success takes time, patience, and a fertile ground to plant on. With strong roots, your child can establish a solid foundation to become a motivated life-long learner.

Let us plant your child's seed of learning now. Let it begin here with us on our playground and at our playschool.