Yoga Dance Movement

Yoga Dance Movement Develops a Child in More Ways than One

The benefits of dance are well-known. Along with providing enjoyment and rejuvenation, it also works wonders for the body. Many people who shy away from strenuous exercise routines take up dance as a means of maintaining a fit and healthy body. There have been a lot of innovations that can be witnessed in the sphere of dance, and as a result of which, a number of new dance forms have emerged in the last few years. One such technique is yoga dance movement.


Benefits of Yoga Dance Movement

Yoga, in itself, is a form of exercise that concentrates as much on the body as on the mind. The same can be said about dance which, along with facilitating flexibility of the body, also refreshes the mind. In such a scenario, if yoga and dance movement come together, they can achieve amazing results. It is the positive spirit that differentiates us from the rest. We are always welcoming towards such unique programs that help children listen to their inner voice and achieve a perfect integration of body, mind, and spirit. Similar activity is found in our role playing stories program which encourages the imaginative power of the child.


Starting Yoga Dance Movement Early

An individual can have a healthy body when he has uniformly taken care of it properly from childhood. Therefore, if yoga dance movement begins from a tender age, it can greatly enhance the child development process in producing a fit and healthy body in adulthood. This is because this mode of exercise incorporates everything from flexibility and posture to circulation and stamina. A yoga dance class on a regular basis can work on each area of the body thereby making it stronger. Moreover, both yoga and dance are known to have therapeutic effects on the mind. This can help a child to achieve confidence, calmness, and peace of mind which is especially important since childhood brings with it its own set of insecurities and apprehensions.While the different exercises involved in yoga dance movement teaches children about the art of relaxation and achieving balance, they also provide children the tools to release and destress in order to purify the body and mind. 

Keeping this in mind, we offer a special program on sound and movement which incorporates balancing, strengthening, flexibility, stretching and voice tuning. The main intention of this program is to develop confidence and focus in a child. While the different exercises involved in yoga dance movement contribute to a child’s stamina and posture, they also teach him about the art of relaxation and achieving harmony. A child is also encouraged to destress and release in order to purify the body and mind.